What our Customers say...


My mother had severe water damage and didn’t know what to do. So I googled the Manhattan beach area and found SERVPRO. They were ultimate professionals in handling the situation. My mom is older, and they made her feel safe and comfortable. Not only did they mitigate the water, but the game room looks "Like it never even happened." I would highly recommend them to anyone. If my mom approves, you will too.

My grandparent's had a fire at their house in LA, we called out SERVPRO to help with the smell and reconstruction. They did a tremendous job and made everything easy for them with dealing with the insurance! Your employees were so helpful and patient with us, thank you so much!

We are a Farmers Agency that can relay on SERVPRO at anytime of day. They are quick to respond, dependable, and don't try to oversell. Adrian is great guy and always provides great customer service . We definitely recommend them.

Thank you SERVPRO from Redondo Beach! I will definitely work with you again! I had water damage in my apartment and SERVPRO came to the rescue!!! thank you all again for the professional speedy service!!!

SERVPRO did a remarkable job after my business was flooded due to a broken water main. The service was good, I had no complaints and would recommend them, and hire them in the future. THANKS SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was a great help when my family and I had a dishwasher malfunction and caused a flood in the kitchen and dining room area.
They were very helpful and professional. They helped us with our insurance claim and gave us a 2-year warranty after work was done.
I highly recommend them to anyone that needs immediate assistance in a situation like this.

Their service was excellent and prompt. Staff members are courteous. No complaints!

Our house smelled like a smoked BBQ due to a chimney flue malfunction. SERVPRO was able to help us get rid of the smoke smell, excellent team!

We had water damage and SERVPRO  Mike Garcia (Crew Chief)  was thorough, professional, courteous, and extremely helpful.

He always asked if there was anything else he could do for us which we really appreciated.  It was a pleasure to have him in our home to take care of our water problem.

You have an excellent employee who represents the company.

Thank you

Ruth and Jim Younger

El Segundo

Adam was a big help when we had a kitchen grease fire, he was able to make the smoke smell go away in less than 24 hours. Highly recommend SERVPRO.


Amazing Team! you get what you pay for, I was impressed how fast they work, we got our tenants back in to their home in under 48 hours..

What is the primary reason for the score you gave?

The technician was thorough in explaining the issues, even more than a competing service.

How likely is it that you would recommend SERVPRO© to a friend or colleague?

10=Extremely likely

Tino was exceptional and an angel helping me understand what was happening.

I was impressed with the care in which my furniture was wrapped, also the way they cleaned up! I appreciate the daily check ups, thank you ! 

What is the primary reason for the score you gave?

The workers were on time and courteous.

How likely is it that you would recommend SERVPRO© to a friend or colleague?

10=Extremely likely

I was leaving town for the Holidays and had a large amount of water that flooded my condo due to my water heater. Not only did SERVPRO have a rapid response, they offered me a ride to pick up my son from school and take us to the airport since we were already running late due to the flood. I thank them for helping out with getting my home back to pre loss conditions and the ride offer which I thought was really cool of them. I highly recommend them 

Juan was nice, personable, and competent. Very nice person to handle these frustrating emergencies

Juan and his SERVPRO team were extremely conscientious with not only the work they performed at my house
but were extremely helpful in response to my many questions, were very patient and personable, as well. I have
already recommended them to others as we are very satisfied SERVPRO customers.

Mike of SERVPRO Redondo Beach is the greatest! 
I had a water damage issue and he was available 24/7 ! He calmed me down and was a dependable person to lean on! He's patient and exceptionally honest, polite & knowledgeable. His crew was exceptional . Javi also stood out and was wonderful! I can't thank them enough! I highly recommend them to anyone.
Thank you!


Professional work, done fast and with out any hassle.  I will definitely return to these guys for any water or mold damage restoration work.  Highly recommended!

SERVPRO was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for better service. There was no trace of mold or mildew once they completed the job. "Like it never even happened." :)

Rain caused some water damage at my house because of a roof leak. When the roof was patched up, SERVPRO was there within hours and began setting up fans. They were able to save my new carpet, answer all my questions and they wrapped things up in a couple days. Excellent service for sure. 

As a property owner, it is important to have a vendor you can count on for matters such as mold and water damage. I recently had a tenant report mold found in one of my units. The girls at SERVPRO were very knowledgeable and set up a manager to inspect, explain the procedure and execute the job. Within a few days, the mold and mildew smell was gone and everyone was happy. I'm definitely using them again if needed and I highly recommend them.  

I would like to thank SERVPRO especially Adam for helping me navigate this process of fire damage restoration and other important stuff when you have some claims going on. Adam and his staff are very respectful and explained all the process. When the time came that I have to move  back our furnitures  inside the house, I texted Luis to reach out to my insurance to get approval. They take care of everything. I recommend their services. Great people!

SERVPRO of Manhattan, Redondo and Carson has a very profession, uniformed and quick response team. I had a wonderful experience working with this company and highly recommend them to anyone who has had a fire damage, water damage, mold or general cleaning that needs to be taken care of.

One of our office tenants had a leak over the weekend which was discovered on Monday. Their space was flooded and we reached out to SERVPRO. They responded right away and brought a crew along with multiple equipment to help suck up all the water and dry the carpet and walls. They were very professional, thorough and quick. I'd definitely use them again!

Adrian and Cassandra from SERVPRO at Redondo/Manhattan Beach stopped by the Motel 6 i'm currently managing. They were a big help to our facility. They offered us a great tool called The emergency Ready Profile (ERP) in case we came across any type of disaster. Adrian and Cassandra offered us this assessment at no cost. This tool only took 20 minutes to fill out and i'm very confident this tool can save our facility a lot of time and money in the future if anything  were to occur at the Motel 6.

SERVPRO is the best restoration company I've ever worked with! I do property management, and for one of my properties I had a really bad flood and they were extremely professional, and got the job done property and right away! Strongly recommend, this company will deliver in a timely manner and professional way. Definitely will call back.

As an insurance adjuster I really appreciate working with this team. The production crew is very dependable and conscientious making mitigation work straight forward . At the office girls are always helpful and communicative. They have a great customer service. Insured's questions and concerns are addressed immediately.Working with this team makes my job pleasant because it really feels like the customer is taken care of with honesty and integrity. 

We wanted to have our commercial kitchen area thoroughly cleaned prior to inspections and SERVPRO of Manhattan Beach worked around the clock using special equipment and environmentally safe cleaning solutions to complete the task. What was really impressive is that their crew was able to do the work overnight! This was a load off my shoulders, they got the job done! Needless to say, we passed with flying colors. I will be using SERVPRO regularly from now on. Good job guys!

Adrian & Tino were amazing. They made sure I knew what was happening at all times and were prompt, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Redondo Beach/Manhattan Beach because you have a great team. Thank you!

We woke up at 7am to the city sewer line backing up into our downstairs.  SERVPRO was at our home within an hour of our call. Adam Salceda and crew went right to work. They did the initial cleanup, then sanitized and dried the whole downstairs two times.  Liaison with the state inspector and contractor, and hauled away all the contaminated furniture and other personal items.  Adam was very professional and talked us through the whole process and what to expect. They were over everyday for a week. They were always on time and we felt safe going to work and leaving the house open for them to work in.  I highly recommend SREVPRO. They were amazing during this very stressful time.

My home was damaged by water while I was away. When I entered my house I was devastated by the view of the disaster.I called SERVPRO of Redondo Beach and they helped me in every step of the process. They documented the disaster for my insurance company. Packed my belonging and itemized every damaged item. Stored the unaffected items. Cleaned and dried the structure of my home and made the whole process so much easier for me. Thank you SERVPRO for your help in a time of frustration. From the first call I made to their office to  promptness and competency of their technicians I have outstanding experience of using them, and recommend their service to anyone .

SERVPRO crewmembers were professional, prompt and courteous. They also took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure. The cleanup process went by as expected. Thank you SERVPRO.

Fire damage to our place of business was a disaster none of us were expecting. We only knew we had to call SERVPRO of Redondo Beach. The cleanup of soot and smoke damage was done overnight by SERVPRO crewmembers. In less than 48 hours we were back to business. Everything was either cleaned and restored, or replaced. Walking back to office felt like it did never even happened. It was just "much cleaner" than before!

SERVPRO knows how to handle a large loss due to fire, extinguished by sprinkler systems. We were impressed! The adjuster agrees, we would like to thank the whole SERVPRO staff for such an efficient, professional and complete performance of cleaning and remediation and restoration of fire and water damage loss.

We recommend SERVPRO for any damage to commercial building. They are specialized and know how a business needs to get back to work ASAP. Never ever think twice. Use SERVPRO and they will help you get back to work fast, with minimal downtime. We are thankful that we had their number handy in our cell phone with a DRP custom made for us just a couple of weeks before disaster strike.

Flood damage during holidays with a newborn baby at home is not an experience you want to talk about. But you call SERVPRO and they know how to save your life, your home, and your belonging. Thank you SERVPRO!

SERVPRO took time to answer all questions that I had regarding the damaged hardwood floor. They proceed with the cleanup and drying as explained. Were on time, honest hardworker and courteous. I was very satisfied with your work.

SERVPRO technicians were ontime, knowledgeable,courteous, and polite. They did a great job handling the loss, and communication both with us regarding the steps to repair, as well as with the adjuster regarding the details of work to be done. We recommend SERVPRO for any insurance restoration issue.

SERVPRO responded promptly, technicians were very knowledgeable about detecting all wet areas, drying structure, and even saved our beautiful newly installed carpet. Thank you SERVPRO. We recommend your services to everyone in our community.

Technicians were here on time, Very polite, dependable, helpful and explained to us the necessary steps to cleanup and restore. Thank you

I had a pinhole leak in a copper pipe within a closet wall that was not discovered until the drywall broke through and soaked the carpeting. After calling my insurance company (AAA). SERVPRO was immediately dispatched. The crew chief, Constantino (Tino) Ibarra went into action and began the dehumidification and drying process with industrial machines. The next day his crew came out and sealed off  the work area to keep my house clean then proceeded to remove the affected drywall and carpet. The entire process took four days.  Each day Tino came out to take humidity readings. Before SERVPRO left they thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. I am very pleased with the professionalism of this company and highly recommend them. (This outfit also franchises the SERVPRO Carson/West Carson store.)

We had a great experience with Tino with SERVPRO of Redondo Beach and his crew. He was very professional and kept me updated. He would call to schedule appointments. He was always on time too. He didn't do anything unless it was approved by insurance.  They were very clean. They covered and protected all our furniture and floors. They made sure to check electrical to not blow a fuse with all the fans and filters to help dry up the water from the flood. I just hope the construction people will be as good. Thanks Tino!